Starting on a personal level, my art is created based on my mental health. I've dealt with depression for a couple of years due to a terrible moment in my life. I've also dealt with that feeling of self-doubt and thinking that I would never amount to anything. At times, I have my moments where I want to portray them as an escape from the real world, from those emotions I always wanted to keep inside myself and hide it from others. I realized then and now that I didn't need to hide them anymore. I want to portray them as little characters flying around inside my head and show the overall process of what they might do based on the emotion they represent. Also, with the use of different techniques, I also want it to reflect how we might feel when they appear. Overall, I want to showcase the transformative power of art as a form of communication in order to interact and escape from the overwhelming emotions we sometimes feel inside ourselves, as well as feeling like we are able to transform into who we were meant to be. Throughout my display of art pieces, I want to translate and/or center around those emotions such as happy, depressed, and doubtfulness through the use of both bold and black-and-white colors, lines, shapes, and found objects. Those who may have experienced those feelings might look at my work and relate to what goes on inside their heads as well. I want my work to be about my inner feelings, as well as others'. Mental health is a serious subject to talk about, but I intended to show them that not everyone is perfect. We all have our moments sometimes, but we can still overcome anything when we put our minds into it.